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Veterans helping Veterans!

As a Veteran, it hurts me to see so many Veterans out there that have VA benefits and do not know they are entitled to more! So many Vets rely solely on the VA for their healthcare. While the VA care is more than adequate for most things, what happens if a second opinion is needed? The primary diagnosing VA doctor will refer the Vet to another VA doctor. Rarely if ever the doctor providing the second opinion will contradict the first doctor. But with only VA benefits there is no other option. Another example of a potential problem with only having VA coverage is what happens when a Vet wakes up and not feeling well? The Vet can't or does not want to trek to the VA office or worse told they need an appointment before they can go? What is the Vet to do? If the Veteran is Medicare eligible, they in addition to VA Benefits are also entitled to a Medicare Advantage Plan. In the first example here, if the Vet had a Medicare Advantage plan the Vet can obtain a second opinion from a doctor outside of the VA. I have heard many stories from Vets telling me how they were grateful that they had the opportunity to go outside the VA thanks to their Medicare plan. I know of one case where it actually saved the life of the Vet! In the second example, by the Vet having both the VA and a Medicare plan in place, when the Vet woke up sick, instead of worrying on how to get to the VA facility they are able to go to a Primary care Doctor, or an Urgent care facility thanks to the Medicare Advantage plan. There are Medicare Advantage plans that are designed specifically for our Veterans! Imagine having this and having a monthly premium of Zero dollars a month! The problem is most Vets are not aware of this. If you are a vet and medicare eligible or know of someone that is, I can Help! As a proud Veteran, nothing pleases me more than to help a fellow Vet get all the coverage they are entitled to!

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