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Getting Medicare during the COVID Pandemic is easier than you think

Everyone is concerned about staying COVID free. In doing so you are taking every precaution to social distance yourself and staying away from strangers such as salespeople. This is more prudent for those in need of Medicare. I am here to tell you a well-trained and compliant Medicare Broker can handle all your Medicare needs 100% remotely! Whether you need to sign up for Medicare Part A or Parts A & B from the Federal Government or soon to be turning 65, need to have your current plan reviewed, are on Medicare & Medicaid, are a Veteran with VA benefits, or qualify for a State Pharmaceutical assistance program or Extra Help from the Federal Government, I or any reputable broker can handle it all for you. All you need is a computer or a device of some type with a camera and audio along with a email address, and you can have all Medicare applications and presentations handled for you without anyone coming to your home! Please, do not think you have to do this alone! A Medicare Brokers responsibility is to you the Medicare beneficiary! Allow us to help you navigate the Medicare maze!

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