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September is Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans "Annual Notice of Change" Month!

To me the most important read of the year for Medicare Beneficiaries with a Medicare Advantage Plan or a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, is in September of each year! By the end of September, every Medicare Beneficiary with one of these plans will receive in the mail from their insurance company, an ANNUAL NOTICE OF CHANGE (ANOC). This will explain to you in easy to read language what your current plan looks like and what the plan will look like the following year! If you do not take fifteen minutes out of one day to read this, you could be in for a shock come January when any plan changes take place. If you do not review this you may find out your plan no longer covers certain providers, medications or copayments or other benefits are changing; and may not be in your favor. Once you take the time to read the notice, you can then have a reputable Medicare Agent review your plan for you anytime starting October 1st. You cannot change your plan effective January 1 of the following year until Annual Election Period which runs from October 15th through December 7th, but you can discuss it with an agent as of October 1st. There are many options available to Medicare Beneficiaries. There is no such thing as one plan that is good for everyone. What is good for one spouse may not be good for the other. Medicare is individualized and with a good review you may find you are entitled to a plan other than the one you are currently on that better suits your needs! It all starts in September when you get your ANOC in the mail! Please read it and understand it! Call a reputable Medicare Agent to assist you! Your health deserves it!

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