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Medicare Advantage Plans vs Medicare Supplements? Which is right for you?

The ultimate Medicare decision! The answer is not something that can be answered in this post. Many factors go into the process of seeing what is best for you! What is your health situation, are your doctors accepting the insurance plan, what medications you are on and the cost of them, where you live, do you travel, require special services like dental, vision or hearing? These are some of the issues that will help you decide which is better for you. Before you simply say I want this because so and so told me it is what I need, do your homework! Take advise from a respected expert. As a Medicare insurance Specialist, I along with many other Medicare agents are waiting to sit with you and dig deep and ask the right questions so that we can provide you with all your options and let you decide which is the best option for you! No one plan is good for everybody. Get educated on the subject before signing up and finding out you don't like what you bought. By that time, you could be stuck with a plan until the following year! You wouldn't go to a friend to write up your will. Don't go for Medicare advise from a friend or anyone other than a Licensed and Certified Medicare Specialist for your Medicare Options. A trusted Medicare specialist will be with you forever. You may find you can get Excellent Medicare Insurance for as little as $0.00 monthly premium!

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